All the manufacturers and companies of various electronic devices, design and manufacture their products in such a way that they are recyclable at least to an extent. Every product to get its final shape and structure requires a certain amount of energy and human efforts which again utilizes some amount of energy for its proper functioning. So, on the whole, the amount of energy and the energy giving resources used for this purpose is very high. In the present situation where the available energy levels are unequal to the increasing demands, it becomes even more important and essential to save and find new avenues of producing energy.

One best way of doing this is by recycling used appliances and electronics. So far we have been dumping all these in the garbage yards thinking that they are non-biodegradable, but they are recyclable though not completely but to an acceptable level. There are many companies and organizations that take the responsibility of collecting all these trashed electronics goods, employ people and try to segregate the reusable parts from the others and try to create a new product from them. This way the product is recycled and reused productively and there is also a set of people getting employed. More than this, it is important to properly dispose of the unused, non-recyclable parts because some of them are very harmful and might cause serious havoc to the society.

Such companies which are involved in doing this great service are not only helping the mankind to efficiently use the available resources but also help to save nature from the clutches of air, water, and land pollution. The acres of space occupied by the dump yards have reduced to a great extent, the harmful emissions from the unused products are reduced and the unnecessary dumping of such devices and products in water has also come down to a great extent.


The recycling process